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Benefits of buying from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

Refurbished devices from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) remove the risk of buying refurbished devices while still offering low cost and reliability. MAR’s are companies who each refurbish thousands of devices each year. They have a direct relationship with Microsoft which gives them access to the software and engineering support to ensure a great Microsoft experience on the refurbished devices they offer. You get:

Full Windows experience which brings you the widest range of software and peripherals of any platform.*

Purchase from reputable refurbisher's offering tested products.

Lower costs since you are buying preowned devices.

Minimize risk

  • You get Genuine software – learn here about the security risks of non-genuine software.
  • Being genuine you get software updates from Microsoft to keep your device safer from new threats.
  • Internet browser Edge with internet security features like anti phishing filters.
  • A legal licence to ensure your compliance with legislation.


Optimize performance

  • Only MARs have direct access to Microsoft engineers who specialize in refurbished devices.
  • Microsoft refurbisher's have access to special software tools to help find drivers and software configuration suitable for each different refurbished device.

Remember, only Microsoft refurbisher's get their software directly from Microsoft. Other refurbisher's may get their software off the internet where there is a high chance of it containing viruses and malware to steal your personal and business data. Learn More

*Does not apply to smartphones and other devices with Microsoft applications but not running Windows.