Please call our Customer Care Team for help. The authorized company that we use for this item is refurb.io. Please retain the box and packing materials. These will be required if you need to ship the computer for Warranty service and maintenance. 

Refurb.io will provide standard One Year of Warranty support beginning on the original purchase date for Laptops and Desktops, with a few exceptions which will be specified on the product page. Laptop batteries, Apple products, tablets & all monitors have a limited 90 Day Warranty.

The refurb.io Warranty will cover all costs related to parts and labor that are associated with in-house repair of defective hardware. Accidental damage is not covered. This Warranty only applies to customers within the continental United States (No warranty available for Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico). Products may not be returned for credit or refunds. All damages caused by the end-user will void the Warranty. Computers shipped to refurb.io with inadequate packaging are deemed potentially damaged and may restrict any and all future Warranty support for that computer. Refurb.io will not provide reimbursements for unauthorized third party repairs.

Any parts or upgrades installed by the customer which were not included with the computer at the time of purchase must be removed prior to returning a computer to refurb.io. If any such unauthorized third party parts are returned with a computer for Warranty service, refurb.io will not be responsible for replacing or repairing these parts if they are lost, damaged, or defective.

Refurb.io is not responsible for any user data on any computer being returned for Warranty service. In the event that user data is lost, refurb.io will not be liable in any way. It is the responsibility of the user to make regular backups of important data. The refurb.io Warranty will apply only to machines purchased for your use and cannot be transferred.

For all inquires please send us an email at rma@refurb.io or use the Contact Us form.

Please be prepared to include a soft copy of your emailed receipt under which you have purchased the system.

Telephone: 1-844-5-REFURB (1-844-573-3872)

Hours of Operation: 9:30 AM–5:00 PM EST Monday-Friday excl. Holidays

No System can be returned to refurb.io without authorization from the Customer Care Team.



1) Proof of purchase: please send us a full copy of this document mentioning order number, date of purchase, your shipping address, and make/model of the computer. With this we can determine when does the warranty end for this order.

2) Serial numbers of the affected units, this number will be listed on a 2” x 2” white sticker affixed to the body of the computer as well as the box that it came in.

3) Reason for RMA request: We would like to know what problem you have experienced so that we can proceed with solution accordingly. (ex: part replacement, full replacement, refund or repair)