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Refurbished refurbished computers are all considered "Grade A" quality unless otherwise stated on the product page.

Refurbished computers and electronic products are restored to function like new products. They may however have minor scratches and blemishes. A refurbished computer is one that cannot be sold as new, as it has been previously leased to corporate customers, used as a display product or returned for a range of reasons.

A-Grade products is the highest classification of refurbished product. On a desktop, this means that the chassis will be clean and without imperfections or scratches in excess of 2 inches total on the entire body. Furthermore, there will be no dents, chips, or gouges on the computer, and all parts and components will be fully functional. On a laptop, an A grade will signify that there are no dents, chips, or gouges, with no scratches in excess of 2” total for the entire unit. Additionally, the LCD of the laptop will have no more than 10 dead pixels, it will display colors properly throughout the entire screen, and it will have hinges which will keep the screen steady during general usage. Finally, a laptop with an A-Grade battery will last for no less than 45 minutes during standard use (ex: watching a movie/word processing/surfing the internet). On an LCD/LED Monitor an A Grade will signify that the unit will have no more than 10 dead pixels and it will display colors properly throughout the entire screen. There should be no scratches or blemishes on the unit in excess of 2” total, and it will be tested for full functionality.

B-Grade product is slightly damaged product, or product which could be considered heavily used, but retains close to full functionality in all categories. On a desktop, a B-Grade chassis may have small blemishes, shallow dents, and scratches ranging from 2” to 12” total across the entirety of the frame. The plastic face-plate of the unit may have small chips, but none that would render any part of the computer unusable. There may be ports on a B-Grade computer which are not functional, however, the Refurbisher is responsible to provide a working alternative to that port, ex: an aftermarket video card will be installed should the main video port be non-operational. On a laptop a B-Grade may have small blemishes, shallow dents, and scratches ranging from 2” to 12” total across the entirety of the frame. Additionally, the keyboard and track-pad of a B-Grade laptop may be slightly glossy from wear, but will function properly. The LCD of a B-Grade laptop may have between 10-30 dead pixels, or some isolated discoloration, the hinges will hold the LCD in place during regular use, however, there may be some play in the hinges which may cause the LCD to rattle if exposed to vibration. A laptop with a B-Grade battery will hold a charge for no less than 10 minutes, and it will charge properly, however, a user may experience a warning indicating that the battery will need to be replaced. On and LCD/LED Monitor, a B-Grade may have between 10-30 dead pixels or some isolated discoloration. The frame of the unit will be functional, however, there may be some small chips or scratches, and the hinges may allow for the LCD to shift slightly during regular use.

We do not guarantee the product to come with additional features (i.e. Webcam, touchscreen, Bluetooth, fingerprint scanner) unless it is written in the descriptions. For screen resolution, we only guarantee it to be 1366x768 unless it is written in the descriptions. All refurbished products are cleaned, certified and quality tested  in our ISO 9001 Certified facility. is a Microsoft Authorized Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. To demonstrate our level of commitment on quality, the website photos of products are from real products taken from our warehouse. Confidence in our work and products is reflected in the FREE One Year Warranty* we attach to our computers and systems.

A refurbished product provides you the means to purchase a higher end quality computer at an affordable price while providing you with the similar quality of computing power as a brand new computer. It is the ideal way of getting maximum value compared to similar new products.

*Some conditions may apply.  Please see the "FREE Warranty" tab on the applicable Product Details Page and read our Warranty page.