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SAVE UP TO $50 🏷️ Sale Ends July 17th
5 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Computers & Laptops

5 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Computers & Laptops

Buying a replacement laptop or desktop presents you with seemingly endless options. On top of picking the right manufacturer and making sure it has the right specs, you’re also faced with buying new, used, or refurbished. 

A new machine is fresh from the factory and you pay a premium to be the first one to use it. They also typically include bloatware that can slow you down, which is additional software installed by the manufacturer. 

In contrast, a used computer is simply someone selling their old laptop or desktop. You don’t know if it’s been overclocked to death, has malware, or even uses a genuine copy of Windows. 

Meanwhile, a certified refurbished computer has been professionally reconditioned, optimized, and has a genuine copy of Windows. There’s a lot more to like, too. 

Read on to see why a refurbished machine might be the right choice for you.

1. Get More for Your Money

Refurbished laptops for sale typically cost less than their brand new equivalents. Saving money is usually what attracts people to refurbished machines, and for good reason. The same dollar amount spent on a new computer can usually buy you a refurbished computer with better specifications. 

Even though we all love the latest and greatest hardware, you’re paying a premium for it and it might not be necessary. A graphics card from six months ago will likely satisfy the same need as a card fresh from the factory. And a quality refurbisher will make sure it has the latest drivers installed and has undergone thorough testing.

2. A Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) Provides a Secure and Optimized Computer

Not all refurbished computers come from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR). Devices from a MAR have met strict testing requirements and include a genuine copy of Windows. MARs also have access to specialized software and even direct contact with Microsoft engineers. is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and part of our process is making sure that every machine we sell is operating at peak performance. Our software tools from Microsoft ensure all drivers are updated and the computer is properly configured for maximum performance. 

Every machine sold by also comes with a genuine Windows install to keep you secure. Genuine Windows installs directly from Microsoft completely avoid security concerns that accompany non-genuine copies. 

A non-genuine copy, often called pirated, can come with spyware, ransomware, or key-loggers that enable identity theft. They can also have security vulnerabilities due to missing the latest security patches from Microsoft.

3. Help the Environment

A refurbished computer embraces the ‘reuse’ part of “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” A certified refurbisher breathes new life into machines that might otherwise become waste. Buying refurbished keeps your laptop out of landfills or even being recycled, which has its own environmental impact. 

You’re also reducing the demand for new laptops by going refurbished. Every new laptop sold means the manufacturer is encouraged to make more, increasing demand for the raw materials they require.

Buying refurbished computers supports the second-hand market. Refurbisher's now have more demand to keep revitalizing machines, creating a lasting positive impact.

4. Certified Refurbished Computers have Been Thoroughly Tested

A certified refurbished computer has undergone extensive testing after it’s been reconditioned. Multiple tests are conducted by trained technicians that make sure every piece of hardware is operating properly and effectively. 

New computers from the factory don’t receive individual testing and diagnostics. They’re assumed to be working properly when they ship, but that’s not always the case. A new computer can often ship with defects that aren’t discovered until you open the box and power it up. 

Used computers generally aren’t tested at all. The seller might not even do a factory reset and you’re left with a machine with unknown reliability and software.

What does certified refurbished mean? It means the refurbisher complies with standards set by Microsoft and often the manufacturer. A high standard is set for certified refurbished computers since both companies' reputations are still on the line.

5. Rest Easy with a Long Warranty

A distinct advantage of refurbished computers from is our 12-month warranty on the laptops and desktops we sell, with some exceptions. Many other refurbishers only include a 90-day warranty, which might not be long enough for potential issues to arise. 

Used laptops generally don’t have any warranties, and refurbished laptops from non-certified companies might not have a warranty as well.

Our 12-month warranty gives you peace of mind that if something goes wrong, we’ll take care of it. Buying a refurbished computer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re stuck with any potential issues. We’ll take care of any defects that might arise.

Buying a Certified Refurbished Computer Might be Right for You

A refurbished computer from has been professionally reconditioned, optimized, and tested to ensure a quality computer leaves our facility. Our long warranty provides additional reassurance that if any defects do arise, we’ll take care of them. 

Ready to make the most of your money and reduce your environmental impact? Browse our line of refurbished laptops and desktops today to find your next computer.

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